we can send baby photos directly to your mobile at the time of your scan



At Sneak Peek Ultrasounds we have exclusive access to Tricefy.  This is amazing new technology that allows us to send your baby photos directly to your mobile phone at the time of your 3D baby scans.  

You can then immediately share these files with your family and friends.

Imagine being able to send photos of your precious cargo to your dad, mum, sister, brother or friends and family who live in another State or even overseas with just the click of a button.  What's more you don't even have to leave Sneak Peek Ultrasounds. Well now you can !

For more information on this awesome technology and how it can be used go to https://vimeo.com/327418103

Ask us if your package includes access to Tricefy - if not you can purchase this for just $10.00