Your Baby is in Expert Hands

Sneak Peek Ultrasounds is owned and operated by professional healthcare providers. 

Our team consists of a trained professionals including a midwife/registered nurse with over 30 years experience who is supported by another registered nurse and qualified sonographers.  As medical professionals, you can expect that our duty of care for you and your unborn baby's safety is our priority.   Our staff are also mums so have first hand experience on how exciting these scans can be.


Sneak Peak Ultrasounds is a member of Australia Society for Ultrasound in Medicine and we ensure that we adhere to advice and recommendations set our by the society when it comes to your precious cargo. 

Sneak Peek and their sonographers are members of the Australasian Sonographers Association which ensures they are always up to date and striving to achieve and maintain best, safe practice and ultrasound excellence.

To ensure our staff are offering you and your baby safe practice it is a mandatory requirement that ALL scanning staff attend a yearly education day.  The training is provided by a sonographer who has over 40 years’ experience, many of these in baby ultrasounds.  Dr Sue Campbell Westerway (current president of ASUM) is a researcher and lecturer who has presented at many conferences and institutions around the world.


 When you call to book your appointment ask:

1.  Is the person scanning a qualified sonographer who understands ultrasounds and what that means for your baby‘s safety?

2.  What ongoing education do the people performing the scanning attend and how often?

Who better to understand the needs of excited, expectant parents wanting to get a sneak peek at their little miracle-in-the-making, than those who are experts in their field?