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You can make an appointment by using our on-line booking system or call us directly on 07 54060689 and speak to one of our trained staff who will be able to advise you on the best scan package for your needs.

Are there any questions I should be asking when choosing a scanning clinic?

Yes there certainly are and they all relate to your baby's safety. When shopping around, make sure you ask  the following questions:

1.  What is the maximum amount of time they will scan your baby for? 

2.  Do they scan pregnancies under 10 weeks?  

3.  Do they offer to let you hear your baby’s heart beat before 12 weeks? 

4.  Is the person scanning a qualified sonographer who understands ultrasounds and what that means for your baby‘s safety?

5.  What ongoing education do the people performing the scanning attend and how often?

6.   How old are the scanning machines that are being used?   

Can anyone book an elective non-diagnostic scan with Sneak Peek Ultrasounds?

Yes.  You do not need a Doctors referral to book an elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound scan with us. To avoid disappointment we advise that you book your appointment in advance as scan appointments may be limited due to popular demand.

How can I pay for my scan?

Our secure online booking system will take full payment on confirmation of booking.  However if you have a voucher or would like to pay cash you can call our centre and speak with our friendly team.  

Are the scans Medicare Rebatable? 

There is no Medicare rebate for 2D/3D/4D elective ultrasound scans at Sneak Peek  because the scan is not a diagnostic test. 

I can get a similar scan at another clinic nearby and they are cheaper. Why is that?

If you just want the cheapest scan possible – then we are not the clinic for you.  If you want a quality service that is good value for money, with scans performed by highly trained registered professionals with years of experience who will take the time to make your scan a memory to cherish forever, then we are the clinic for you.

It’s also important to check exactly what’s included in your scan package, always read the small print!!  At face value one clinic might appear cheaper but often the length of your scanning session is shorter or they over book scans, leaving less scan time for you – at Sneak Peek we allow plenty of time so that you have an enjoyable bonding experience with your baby!

You can only produce quality images if you have the latest ‘state of the art’ equipment. At Sneak Peek we have the latest GE Voluson HD live Technology, once you experience this you won’t settle for second best again.

There are many elective baby scanning clinics to choose from which is great news for you. Sneak Peek believe they offer you a totally different experience to anyone else, all we ask is that you pay us a visit and let our products and service speak for themselves.

Is ultrasound scanning safe?

Yes.  Since the introduction of Ultrasound in obstetrics around 30 years ago, numerous research focused on ultrasounds in pregnancy, there has not been any evidence that they cause any harm to either the mother or baby.  A 3D/4D scan is as safe as a conventional 2D scan which is used during your antenatal care. Ultrasound scans, unlike X-rays or CT scans, do not use any form of radiation.   

Sneak Peek adheres to  Australian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) guidelines relating to scanning of baby's because the safety of your baby is of utmost importance to us. Sneak Peek also strictly adheres to professional guidelines, policies, protocols and recommendations. 

All our Sonographers are fully trained, qualified and registered with their professional governing bodies. We are confident that we offer a safe and professional service to our customers. If you would like more information, please read our section on ultrasound safety.

For more information on ultrasound scanning and your baby's safety have a look at  the Why Choose Us - Your Baby's Safety page.

We want beautiful photos of our baby, especially the face.  What is the best time in the pregnancy for this?

The best time to get 'chubby' bubby photos especially of the face is between 26 and 30 weeks however, there are a number of other factors that can influence the quality of videos and pictures obtained including how active baby is, if there is anything in front of baby's face at the time of the scan (ie placenta or chord) and how much fluid is around the baby.  Be assured though because we use trained professionals they are skilled at getting the best possible photos of your precious baby given the circumstances.

What if I am late for my appointment?

If you arrive late for your appointment it will depend on how late you are and what time the next appointment is.  We will try our best to still fit you in.  If this is not possible we will need to reschedule for a later time that day (if possible) or on a different day.

Missed appointments may be rescheduled for a different day provided you still qualify for the service you initially scheduled.

How long will my scan appointment last?

Depending on the scan package you have booked, scans will vary from 10 to 30 minutes. You should arrive at least 10 mins prior to your actual appointment time to ensure the necessary paperwork is completed prior to your scan. 

Depending on the position of your baby you may be asked to go for a walk and come back later, so allow for at least an hour per appointment.

When is the best time to determine the gender of my baby?

Ideally between 14-24 weeks gestation. Again this depends on your baby’s position. Sometimes due to baby's position we are unable to determine your baby’s gender so we will offer a further scan at no extra charge. 

Payment for the scan will be taken at the initial appointment.

Does Sneak Peek offer a 100% gender guarantee? 

Sneak Peek does not give 100% guarantees (99% yes) of bubs gender because there are situations that can arise where it’s not possible to tell exactly what the sex of the baby is for example, the condition known as “ambiguous/indeterminate genitalia” where the genitals don’t appear to be either male or female.

Untrained, non-medical technicians who perform baby ultrasounds are usually not aware of this condition (as well as many others due to the fact that they do not have a medical background), so offer a 100% gender guarantee, which they actually may not be able to provide. If you find a centre offering this you will most likely find that there is a clause in the paperwork they get you to sign before your scan stating that they do not offer any guarantees with the services provided. Worth looking into before you book.  Due to the nature of ultrasound we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy.  

Our sonographers are highly trained and experienced at performing gender scans and will endeavour to get the best results for you.


What is the  difference between 2D|3D|4D and 5D Scans?

It's not uncommon to see some baby scanning centres advertising that they offer 2D|3D|4D and 5D scans so what is the difference?

2D ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce  black and white outlines and one dimensional images that we are used to seeing of the internal organs of your baby.  

3D ultrasound uses the same high frequency sound waves as with 2D scans but from different directions so that a 3-dimensional colour image is produced, usually of your baby’s beautiful chubby little face.   These images are often used for medical purposes including diagnosing issues such as a cleft lip however at Sneak Peek Ultrasounds we use it to allow you to bond with your baby before it is born. 

When 4D ultrasound is used, the 3-dimensional images you see are continually being updated by the ultrasound machine so it becomes a moving image and looks just like a video/movie.

3D/4D ultrasound scans produces life like images so that you can see what your baby really looks like. With a 3D/4D scan you can actually see your babies skin rather than the structures underneath (bones etc) as in 2D scans.   You can sometimes even see your baby's hair and eye lashes!

So what about 5D scans?  Some centres promote that they offer 5D scans when in fact its  just a technology that lets you see your baby in realistic view or what many call the flesh tone look. This will show baby with reddish/pinkish color as if you are seeing baby inside the womb. 

When is the best time to have a 3D/4D scan?

The best time to have a 3D/4D scan is 26-30 weeks pregnant. Before this your baby has little fat underneath its skin so its face will look more like a skeleton. After 30 weeks your babies head may have dropped too low in the pelvis squashing and distorting the features.  

If you book your 3D/4D scans between 26-30 weeks beautiful lifelike images and videos can be captured, creating memories of your little miracle that you will have forever!!

2D|3D and 4D Baby Ultrasounds compared.

If you book your 3D/4D scans between 26-30 weeks beautiful lifelike images and videos can be captured, creating memories of your little miracle that you will have forever!!

If you book outside of our recommended stage of 26 – 30 weeks, we don’t offer a rescan if we can’t obtain good images at the first appointment. Please speak to one of our trained staff for further information.

What if you find an abnormality?

All scans performed at Sneak Peek are bonding scans only and are not intended to be a check for baby abnormalities.  You must ensure you attend all of your prescribed medical scans and antenatal appointments.

If however any incidental abnormality is discovered the Sonographer will advise you and at your request we will write a report that you can pass on to your caregiver.

Does this replace my hospital scan?

No. Your Sneak Peek scan is completely optional and non-diagnostic. It is in addition to your routine antenatal care. You must still attend all of your normal hospital and doctors’ appointments.

Who will perform my scan?

All of the staff scanning at Sneak Peek are qualified Sonographers who currently work within Obstetric Ultrasound departments.  Unlike some companies, we don’t employ anyone who doesn’t have the appropriate qualifications and current experience which gives patients the reassurance of getting a safe, quality, skilled scan.   All sonographers are registered with their own professional bodies. 

Can I bring children with me?

Yes, children are welcome to come to your scan. Most children enjoy the experience but we also have a play area inside the scanning room to amuse them should they start to lose interest before your scan is complete.  You may also want to bring along their favourite toy to keep them occupied.  

Please note that we welcome children to join in this experience however once inside our premises children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Who can come to the scan with me?

We welcome you to bring whoever you want to your scan.  Seeing your baby helps you (and others) to bond with your unborn child, your scans at Sneak Peek can provide either an intimate scanning experience for you and your partner or can accommodate between 6-8 additional people so that grandparents, siblings or friends can share the experience with you by viewing the scan on our large flat screen TV.   

If you have more than 8 people we can accommodate them in our waiting room that also has a large flat screen TV where they can watch your baby being scanned in comfort.  

We realise that this is a magical time for you and your family and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.   Please inform us if you have any special requirements that you may need during your time with us - we would be only to happy to help if we can.

What should I expect when I arrive for my ultrasound scan?

On arrival at our clinic you will be welcomed by the receptionist who will provide you with a consent form which must be signed and dated by yourself. 

We will also require a few details such as your estimated date of delivery and the name of the hospital/doctor where you are receiving your antenatal care. 

Payment will be taken in full before you have your scan.

We invite you to relax in our bright, welcoming reception area until your scan and you can browse through our range of baby and ‘parents to be’ gifts.  

Do I need a full bladder?

You need to arrive with a full bladder for both early scans and gender scans between 16-20 weeks gestation. After 20 weeks it is not necessary but can be useful if your baby is in a difficult position. Instead we would kindly ask if you avoid going to the toilet 15-20 mins before your scan. 

To obtain a full bladder, you need drink approximately 2 cups of water about 40 minutes before your appointment. If you become uncomfortable please go the toilet. Your bladder will fill fairly quickly again if you are well hydrated.

Is there anything else I can do to improve my chance of getting good images?

Your baby’s position and the amount of water around baby (known as liquor) are the two most important factors in producing good images.  Keeping well hydrated prior to having your scan will increase the chance of obtaining good images.  

We recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water a day for a minimum of 3 days prior to your scan appointment.

Do you always get good pictures and images of  the baby?

In most cases yes. Unfortunately, on some occasion babies don’t always behave the way we would like them to! Images depend on a number of things including the position of your baby, how much fluid is in front of your baby's face, the position of the placenta and your size (BMI).  

If we are unable to obtain good images for any of these reasons we may ask you to go for a walk and/or have something sweet to eat and drink in the hope that baby moves.  After a little while we will scan you again. 

If your scan is not entirely successful (if the views are limited) we may ask you to come back at a later date for another scan.  This will be at the sonographers discretion. 

What type of Ultrasound scanning equipment do you use?

Sneak peek have a brand new GE Voluson ultrasound machine with the latest HD live technology. Be aware, some companies have HD live images on their website but do not have the equipment to produce them! Others say they offer HD quality images but basically show you your scan on an HD TV this is definitely not the same thing. HD live is an amazing method which uses an advanced illumination/lighting technique to produce incredible, realistic images of your baby’s features. 

Once you’ve seen HD live you won’t settle for second best ever again.

I am having twins, does this make a difference?

You need to advise us at the time of your booking that you are pregnant with twins.  

We do not charge extra when you are having a multiple pregnancy scan but we do distribute the time of the scan across each of your babies. For example, if you are booked in for a 30 min session and have twins,  15 mins will be spent scanning each baby. If you had the same 30 min session, but had triplets, 10 mins would be spent scanning each baby.

Due to the added complexity of scanning twins initial appointment can sometimes be unsuccessful, however at all times we will endeavour to achieve the best possible results for you. 

You will need to book your 3D|4D baby scan slightly earlier between 23-26 weeks gestation as there is less space to scan your babies in the later stages of pregnancy.

What if I am unhappy with the service?

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you receive, including the images and video footage included in your package you must inform a member of staff before you leave the clinic. We will do our best to resolve this immediately. If you are still unhappy please email one of the Directors at info@sneakpeekultrasounds.com.au

Whilst generic complaints maybe addressed on Social Media sites such as Facebook, Sneak Peek reserves the right to remove any individual complaint raised on such sites as we may be unable to provide a response without breaching confidentiality through this type of media.